Sunday, May 22, 2022




  1. Great caption! I love this idea, it would be fun to see a second part. Great work!

  2. Needs a sequel maybe even a series featuring many versions of Martins running around

    1. I absolutely agree! Perhaps sometimes the original mind remains but has no memories of being themselves, either their life, their body, or even sense of identity, trying figure out if they are who they're "supposed to be" or just being both struggling for control. Perhaps there is some sort of hive mind between all Martins, wherein the original can experience each one, even if he relinquishes control still have a connection to the celebrities experiences adjusting to the aftermath. I like memory alterations. Thanks for your continued work.

  3. When it happened, he was confused as he started to remember things. Then he realized it he wasn't an he, he was a she. Her memories were in pieces. At one time he knows that he in girls body. The next time she thought her was a guy, but how foolish is that?