Thursday, October 7, 2021

Messy divorce



  1. No on ever said divorce was cheap but in the end, getting your wife's body will turn out to be a better deal! Zoe

  2. 6 months later Jessica and Steven ran into each other in a bar.

    Steven had discovered the joys of sex as a woman and was on the prowl for a one night stand.
    Jessica was between chicks as HE now called the women he picked up. Seeing his former body dressed sexy and looking so fine stirred an instant boner and a desire he found exciting.

    Sliping up behind Steven, Jessica pulled her delicious looking booty up to his rock hard cock.

    Hello again, it's been awhile. Steven recognized his own voice and tried to pull away.

    'Hold on a second "missy", we're both looking for a partner for the evening, why not pick each other? I promise you, I know better than anyone else how to make that body scream with pleasure. I'll even eat you out first, just as a bonus. You weren't very good at that but I am THE expert on what feels best. What do you say. Don't speak, just nod your head then turn around and kiss me. Or shake your head, I'll let you go. But you will never get this chance to see just how good it can be with the man who knows that body better than anyone one else in the world."

    Steven felt his pussy get wetter by the second. She at least imagined he could smell her own arousal. The last couple of guys had been average at best. He was already horny before Jessica touched him. her hot breath in his ear had spiked his nipples out like never before. He still hated her but he also recalled the makeup sex they used to have and how she would scream when he touched her in the right spots. With some trepidation, Steven nodded his head, feeling the long hair move on his bare shoulders. A chill ran up his spine as Jessica kissed his neck then he turned around and wrapped his arms around Jessica's neck, tilted his head back and parted his glossy red lips ever so slightly as Jessica leaned down and kissed him.

    The night was unlike any other, they fucked until dawn and collapsed spent and sated like never before.

    Steven got up fiorst nd slipped on clean paniteds, they had gone back to his place, and then slipped on Jessica's button down shirt just as she used to do when she was the woman. Steven inhaled the aroma of Jessica's aftershave and sighed. Steven had breakfast ready when Jessica came out wearing just her jockey briefs. Her six pack chest made Steven nearly gasp, it looked so exciting to him now.

    "Smells good." Jessica said. I guess you had to learn to cook."

    "Yes, along with doing my own laundry and cleaning house. Sit down, how do you like your coffee now?"

    They ate in silence for 20 minutes then Steven spoke.

    "I was an asshole insisting you do all the housework when you had a full time job as well. just because I earned more money."

    "Yes you were but I was pretty bitchy in my own right. We just weren't compatible. I know the sex was never as good as last night."

    "I'm guessing it was situational. I mean how often do you screw your own body? If there was a next time, I doubt it would be as exciting. Although you did show me somethings about this body I didn't know. I should make some notes about them."

    "I'm willing to bet you are wrong on that. Let's find out. How about dinner and a movie next Friday and let's see how we get along just as a couple. See where it leads?" Jessica said.

    "Okay, why not? I'm available."

    Three months later, Jessica invited Steven to move in with her.

    2 months later they got remarried. Steven wore Jessica's wedding dress which she had kept.

    A year later Steven, now calling HERself Jessica gave birth to a baby girl.

  3. WOW suoer twist wonderully ironc

  4. I love the way this one turned out. Great cap.