Friday, September 17, 2021

Worth it



  1. With 3 months left on his "sentence", JAmes approached a co worker and friend who looked like he carried good genes. James had a boyfriend but they had just broken up so he asked the co worker to help James get pregnant. The guy agreed and they began hooking up several times a week. In a couple of months, James was pregnant. He was a woman for life.

    "JAmes, I think we should keep our "friends with benefits thing going, don't you?"

    "Actually, I'm seeing someone now. We've been together also and I think he could be the father. But thanks for the help and the really great orgasms."

    "I know about your boyfriend but I also know how much the nanite treatments cost. I get laid when I want to or I tell the company about your plan to defraud them out of the nanite cost. You can let me know your decision at my place tonight. Wear something slutty, okay?"

  2. At least James got his wish fullfilled

  3. I like the twist here, using the punishment to get what he always wanted.