Tuesday, September 7, 2021




  1. 6 months later, Chris lay in bed next to David. She was still enjoying the last warm glow from the orgasm David had delivered to her. She thought back to the day she took his offer to work for him and how she got over the disgust at the thought of screwing him just to get her chance to work at a decent job again. she recalled how hard it had been to accept being a woman and then a stripper and how eventually she had come to accept those new realities, it had been easier than she had thought it would be. She recalled thinking she could imagine David was some hunky male movie star and at least get some enjoyment out of the acts with David until she could work her way up to being with David's much more attractive boss. But it didn't work out that way.

    Economic conditions turned down, the business started downsizing and the newest hired were the first fired, including Chris. But David offered to let her live with him. She found accepting the role of live in mistress much easier than she had expected. It was much better than going back to stripping. In fact, he wasn't looking for a mistress, he was looking for a girlfriend. Chris realized that having a wealthy boyfriend could be interesting especially since David turned out to be quite the skilled and generous lover.

    Chris raised her left hand and looked at the diamond sparkling on her ring finger in the moonlight coming through the bedroom window. She had not seen this coming, David had proposed and wanted her to meet his widowed mother. From top of the heap in his former job to stripper and then mistress to HER old boss. Chris had seen her life transformed into what she was now, a soon to be wife and potentially a mother. She was amazed but not upset. David wasn't a hot looking guy but he loved her and she had to admit she loved him as well. This was not a step backwards, it was a leap forward to a new life with unlimited possibilities. Tomorrow, she would make her man breakfast before he left for work then she would start reading bridal magazines, she wanted a big wedding.

  2. Nice to see that Chris isn't willing to settle for life as a stripper and is using her new body to get ahead! Add brains and experience and Chris will be running things soon.