Sunday, July 4, 2021

I like sex



  1. I wonder what keeps the new Mike, from turning the new Rachel in not just for prostitution but having killed her husband. Would someone really believe they swapped bodies?

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  3. The new Mike decided to take The New Rachel up on the offer but insisted it be a free roll in the hay. "Mike" had not had sex since the body swap and had never been with a woman before the swap.

    "Rachel" was a skilled lover and she really rocked the new man's world. So much so that they began dating. "Rachel" stopped selling her body and became exclusive with "Mike". Until one day, she broke it off.

    "Sorry Mike, that was our last night together. I felt sorry for you. I understand that your dead husband was a real S.O.B. and he probably deserved to die. I'm not much better blackmailing you. I decided to start dating you to help you get over the swap. Now you not only realize being a guy isn't all bad but you have learned a lot about pleasing a woman."

    "Now go find someone you don't have the kind of history with that we share. I've noticed that hot looking red headed barista at the coffee shop keeps looking at you. You are rich and good looking, maybe she's your type. Now if you will excuse me. I have a "client" I need to meet at the Plaza."

    Rachel gave Mike a long, slow, passionate kiss. She pushed back from him, sighed and said, "Goodbye Mike, have a nice life."