Saturday, November 7, 2020

Debt repaid



  1. Just then Rachel, in her new male body rolled over, "Hey, babe, it worked! I can't believe it, I'm a man. Vinny said that for a hundred grand he could get me a studly male body and he came through!"

    "Holly shit," Daniel whispered, it suddenly made sense. 'I owed Vinny a hundred grand.' he thought. Then he felt a strong set of arms wrap around his feminine waist.

    "Now that I have the body I always wanted, care to help me with a little problem?"

    Daniel could feel his former cock pressing into the small of his back and it made him want to squirm. At the same time he felt his new nipples getting hard and in interesting achy, empty feeling blossom between his legs. "Oh, boy." he whispered.


    Hehehe - sorry, I couldn't resist adding just a touch to your story.