Sunday, November 4, 2018

Not happy


  1. when Stephanie entered the pizzeria she knew she would be leaving there with not only a pizza but with at least 1 phone number of a guy that hit on her what amazed Steven now calling her self Stephanie was she got 5 number and one of them was from the owner of the pizzeria and her old boss when Steven worked there. The owner was loaded but never gave his worker's sizeable pay raise, that is why Steven went into the medical study. 6 months later Stephanie was the owners wife they had run of the Las Vegas and tied the knot, meanwhile Stephanie got her woman voice and her breasts grew to lager C-cups. She started to work at the pizzeria as the owners wife she told her man of a new medical procedure that in the end they would get better sexy workers that would get them more money. So Stephanie convinced her man to go to the doctors for his heart problems he had been having lately. Two weeks later the pizzeria closed because of the owners death. Stephanie was the only one named in the will reopened the pizzeria with an all women staff and introduced her wife to the crew of freshly minted woman. Its funny Lucky Larry was now known as Luck Lucia or Lucky Lucy the wife of Stephanie.

  2. Where did these pictures from?

    1. A bodyswap movie from turkey