Friday, November 30, 2018

Crazy Scientist #29


  1. Wait A Navy Seal, they are the best of the best in most cases. Trevor now Allison during her grounding became the straight A+ student and started to run, swim, train. with in 6months Allie became the strongest and smartest girl at the high school no one messed with her boy's other girl's or teacher's. Buy the time Allie graduated she had her own group of girls that were as badass as her and some of the boys too. The football jocks stayed clear of Allie and her gang. Allie had gone both ways with sex, she came out as Lesbian but still liked to have a man buried deep into her vagina from time to time. Now seeing Trevor had done the Navy Allie chose to go Marine corp recon one.

  2. Interesting events. Could make for an interesting revenge story.