Monday, May 19, 2014

Moment of truth


  1. Great cap! Is this a screencap from Madmen?

    1. Nah, I think it is some Photoshoot for some magazine.

  2. Jake's fears were put on hold because Maria's husband greeted her and then said you know that crazy kid next door he just begged me not to come into my own home and defiantly do not go up and see you till he figures how to change you and him back. What was he talking about my sweet Maria? At that moment in time you were given access to the real Maria's memories. Who that boy Jake he was just pulling on over on you now come here and give me a big kiss and maybe show momma how much you missed her. Turns out that Maria's husband loved when she would tell him kinky things like this. the following morning when Hubby was sleeping Maria went outside to find Jake and tell him that this body was your for good and for Jake to give it up and love to be a 14yr old. Because the sex last night made you a hole now woman and you loved it and that wasthe moment of truth.