Sunday, June 5, 2011


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  1. [Image: Male Brian and Female Tom are at a cafe having tea/coffee during the day. Female Tom has larger breast then Female Brian had in the first image.]
    "That's quite the set of curses you have there," Brian said to his ex-roommate Tom.
    "Please move back into the apartment! I can't afford rent and mine are heavier than yours were," replied Tom.
    "If you knew how bad periods are, you'd understand why I wouldn't do that. I suppose you will though."

    [Image: Male Tom is shocked while Sarah is angry with him in an apartment]
    "Who are you, and where is Tammy?" asked Tom's new roommate Sarah.
    "I'm actually Tom, and I didn't realize I could turn back like this."
    "Turn back? Ya, you can turn back and leave this apartment. Are you dating Tammy? I told her that I didn't want to move in with a guy because I was getting out of a 3 year relationship."
    "No, I'm not dating myself."
    "Out!" Sarah exclaimed while pushing Tom out of the apartment.

    [Image: Male Brian and Female Tom are back at the cafe.]
    "So she kicked you out, called you, hung up on you when 'Tammy' didn't answer, and a few hours later you were back to being alone again," summarized Brian.
    "Ya. And soon enough I'll get evicted."
    "Have you considered moving back in with your ex-girlfriend?"
    "She may be nice enough to let me move in as a roommate, but I'd be on thin ice and that would be super awkward."
    "But you would be a guy again

    [Image: Female Tom and his ex-gf Ashley are confused]
    "Who are you?" Ask Tom's ex-girlfriend Ashley.
    "I'm To--"
    "Your Tom's girlfriend!? I let him move in with me and he brings his girlfriend to flaunt in my face!?"
    [Because Ashley was already hot, the wish didn’t need to transform her, but because Tom didn’t find her hot himself, the wish still had work to be done. I have no idea how to word this into a caption though]