Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Crazy Scientist #30


  1. Well Carl was able to get the Crazy scientist to change him one last time but it meant a big secret. After that vomit episode he told the strip club boss that the man who she vomited on was a womanizer and a leach. with the club owners help Carl now Britney got his dad taken to the lab Carl was switched from Britney's body to his dad's body and his dad became Britney. The new Britney was in love with her looks and became a great stripper and lap dancer made lots of money for the owner of the club. But Carl now had to become his own father go home and be romantic to his own mother, Carl thought this was going to be hard being the son and now having the body of his dad and having sex with his mom but as it turns out that was the easy part for Carl the hard part was finding out his mother was pregnant was the baby girl now Carl's daughter or sister this was so confusing to Carl till he made up his mind to become the father and dad he never hadto this beautiful baby girl.

  2. The crazy scientist series is great. lol