Saturday, May 25, 2013


Open Post for Caption.


  1. Where is this gif from?

    1. From the first episode of "Franklin and Bash"— a show whose name I can never recall because one of the leads is the actor who plays John in the Garfield movie franchise, and so only that name comes to mind. It's pretty generic fare, but I've got to hand it to them in that you think you're getting some boob-sighting and such out of it, with a stupid plot attached to it, and therefore are the superior being in this bargain ("this whole show is incredibly trite! who would watch such a thing?"), until you realize that's precisely it, and they've just had a one-up on you-- because you're obviously watching it at that moment.

      Other than that, I quite liked this cap- it slows my computer incredibly, but I've refused to let it go, and have taken the computer to task on this. I am absolutely resolved to glare at this picture and accompanying snippet of story. I would've loved to see it taken further! And I guess that's what these captions are for, isn't it? Wet your appetite..(and whet something else... [it was bawdy, it was predictable, but it was a necessary joke, I think we can all agree])

      Anyways, fine work as always, here at the Some Tg Caps station! I should also say that I'm a bit pickled by the last couple of Swap Institute caps, because I so loved the first four or so. I think it's a matter of sauciness, perhaps, but I leave the creative judgement up to you! Let's just say mine is no use in these matters...

      Best regards!

  2. Sexy cap and pic combo! The idea of having the jury experimenting with the words is creative and funny.